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The Challenge: To cross all 50 states on trails by foot

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Welcome! I'm Brian Stark and I'm trying to run across all 50 states. This year, in October 2013, I ran 500 miles across Wisconsin and Michigan following the Ice Age Trail and the Pere Marquette Trail. Those two were my 30th and 31st states crossed on foot. Last year I crossed Wyoming on the Oregon Trail but was blocked by a large surprise. Enjoy this short video to find out what it was and then enjoy the rest of my page!


Recently, I was a guest on an NPR radio program called, A Way With Words. Hosts Martha and Grant seemed to have a good time explaining why some people give me directions differently depending on which region I am running through.  You can listen to the clip here. I'm in the final segment titled AWWW 06, about three minutes in:

Here's my short film video about record-setting run across Nevada on the American Discovery Trail

That's me as a contestant on The Price Is Right with Bob Barker
after my 5,000 mile run across the USA

If you haven't already guessed, I like to run really, really far.  In September 2012 I ran 500 miles across Wyoming on the Oregon Trail, marking my 29th state completed.  

In July 2011 I completed a 500-mile, 11-day run across Nevada on the American Discovery Trail from Baker to Lake Tahoe. The Nevada route crossed 14 mountain ranges, 6 state parks, 5 wilderness areas and included over 37,000 feet of climbing! The purpose of that trip was to promote the American Discovery Trail, Nevada State Parks and to set the record for the fastest crossing of the state on the trail. I completed the trip in 11 days, 7 hours, and 28 minutes. 

Last year's Wyomathon was a unique experience in trail running. While trying to follow the Oregon Trail across the state, I was surprised at the limited access to the actual trail corridor due to the vast sections of private property the trail crosses. 

Up next? Perhaps something in the Pacific Northwest. I hear Oregon is nice.  If I'm going to cross all 50 states by 50 years, I need to start increasing my annual progress.

How did all of this start?

Summers at Camp Palawopec and years in Boy Scouts were my foundation for the outdoors as a youth growing up in Indiana.

In 1995, as a college graduation present to myself, I hiked the entire 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia.

In 1998, I ran 5,000 miles across the US on the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California.

In 2001, I ran 800 miles from Mexico to Utah on the Arizona Trail.

In 2003 I ran 500 miles across Iowa on the northern section of the American Discovery Trail.

In 2010 I ran 600 miles across Nebraska and part of Colorado.

Will I make all 50 states? In which state will my knees finally buckle? Stay tuned to find out! 
The links above to Facebook and my blog will keep you up to date.

And be sure to check the other sections of this website - including the video of me on The Price is Right!

Why do this?

Ah, the unanswerable question. Over the years, I've tried to satisfy those who've asked this timeless query. "Because it's there," "Because I can," or even "To see the country from the perspective of the settlers."

Everywhere I run, people brag that they live in the most beautiful place in the country.  So far, they've all been right.  I just like seeing it for myself.  

Don't Stop Now! Go to the links at the top of the page and check out some of the adventures along the way, such as a description of a counterfeiting operation in Ohio (see the Book section).

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