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Film Review

Just watched Brian R. Stark's documentary on his run across Wisconsin and Michigan. Suffice it to say that every student in my school will be watching this. You are a true inspiration! Andrew L. 

Book Review

Brian R. Stark! You have had me in stitches and awe the past few days. Thanks for helping me reach my goal of reading at least one book cover to cover this year. Karen R.

Event Feedback

Thank you. It was very captivating. My boys are still talking about it. Even my kindergartener. Kessha F.

Getting to the Point. 

In a dozen pairs of shoes

In 1998, I became the first person to run across the US following the American Discovery Trail, a vast network of interconnected trails from Delaware to California. The 4,800 mile trail run was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. I met countless strangers who came to my aid as I ran more than a marathon a day for 238 days across America.  If you are looking for proof of American values and daily instances of kindness, check out this story.  Click the cover to go directly to Amazon, or even better, contact me for a personalized signed copy! 

States Runner 

Brian Stark